About TOFA

Every year since 2007 Albino Blacksheep has held an animation tournament specifically for Flash artists.

It's not all about the cash prizes, but yes, Flash artists receive cash prizes for doing well in the tournament. There are often 12 cash prizes per year. This year, if you compete in the contest, but someone else you recruited to join wins, you also earn prize money.

What's just as important is the fun. The ability to socialize with other animators you wouldn't otherwise know, musicians who provide their music for free, voice and art cameos by other contestants, and getting to know the successful animators of Albino Blacksheep.

The tournament consists of 4 rounds, each with their own unique topic and challenge. You compete directly against an opponent for the last three rounds, learning their stengths and weaknesses, and choosing to team up with animators of other brackets.

total newbie ?

Are you super new to TOFA? Maybe it's better to show you than to tell you.

In 2011 we started making themed TOFAs where all the contestants are part of a story. In 2011, contestants were military recruits, and they were animated into a story line based on their performance in the tournament.

In 2012 members faced a zombie apocalypse and become characters in a comic strip.

In 2013 aliens took over Earth where contestants provided much of the artwork to represent the story.

In 2014 we started a frat.

This year, it's 2015. You get to know more once you begin. Heavy!