Tournament of Flash Artists

About TOFA 2012

This year we enter Albino Blacksheep’s Sixth annual Tournament of Flash Artists. We call this “TOFA”. Pronounced tow-fah.

The concept of the tournament tends to emulate the freelance animation workplace. Much like the workplace, contestants are given strict timelines, general themes/guidelines and, of course, competition from other freelance animators. As well, there is money and recognition at the end of the tunnel for those who succeed.

TOFA is an Albino Blacksheep community effort with emphasis on encouraging creativity, socializing and generocity.

Unlike traditional submission contests, TOFA lets you know who your opponent is. You can use this knowledge to psyche out your opponent, size up their previous experience to find their weak spots, or simply make a friend and animation partner for life.

TOFA is generous. Both the organizers and the contestants donate money and/or prizes for the winners, and every year the prizes have become larger and awarded to more contestants. All donations (war bonds) given to TOFA go directly to winning participants. There are no administration fees taken by the site or organizers. Greed or stealing is not tolerated.

TOFA also follows a story and the contestants are characters in that story. Last year our participants started as army recruits who lost their lives in battle by the end of the tournament, but this year they have been "re-animated" and are on the hunt for brains.